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A Short and Sweet History of Furoshiki

The term ‘Furoshiki’ is used to describe a square piece of cloth or fabric which originally dates back to the Japanese Nara period. This was around 700-794BC. Furoshiki translates into modern English as ‘bath spread.' This is because members of the public during these times would go to their local bathhouses to wash, relax and socialize. While at the bathhouse, people would wrap their clothes in the fabric. This was to stop people confusing their clothes with somebody else’s once they had finished in the bathhouse. However, Furoshiki, more commonly referred to at the time as ‘Tsutsumi,' had another purpose. It was intended to wrap and protect treasures that were found in the Japanese temples, especially if they were being...

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The Environmental Impact of Gift Wrap

We all love to give and receive presents and gifts. Nowadays, it’s at our very core! Whether it’s Easter, a birthday or the beloved period of Christmas, most of us take every opportunity to show our loved ones how much we care about them with trinkets and things that they love. However, how much attention and care do you pay for how you’re presenting these gifts to your loved ones? Typically, we take a present, wrap it up, stick on a nice bow, and it’s perfect for putting under the tree. The big day arrives; the wrapping is ripped off and thrown in the trash.  Unfortunately, putting your gift wrap in the bin isn’t the end of its lifespan.  Of...

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